Amazement Square in Lynchburg VA

Amazement Square is a fun and educational place to bring the whole family. It features nine permanent exhibits and a rotating gallery for temporary exhibits. The exhibits cover regional and global topics and are based on the arts and humanities. Amazement Square is also home to a HUGE indoor play structure, complete with an endless maze of tunnels, ladders and zip lines. Visit home page.

Beryl Solla

The mural next to Amazement Square in Lynchburg, VA, was a collaborative project between Shawne Farmer and Beryl Solla. Farmer learned of Solla’s work through Mort Sajadian, a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts curator. He had been impressed with Solla’s ability to motivate and uplift others.

Solla was a highly skilled mosaic artist, and she was known for collaborating with all kinds of people. She taught art at Piedmont Virginia Community College for 15 years, where she advocated for faculty and students. Her work included advocating for adjunct professors to have a flat space. She also encouraged students to say “yes” to fantastical ideas.

The mural is a beautiful piece of art that captures Lynchburg’s history. The mural is more than four thousand square feet and was created with help from local residents. The artist used broken tiles donated by area residents to create the mosaic. While it took Solla seven years to complete, she found the process very addictive. See other areas of interest here.

Beryl Solla teaches art at Amazement Square

Beryl Solla has been teaching art at Amazement Square Lynchburg, VA since 2006. Her work is widely recognized and respected. She is a dynamic and inspiring teacher. She also demonstrates a deep respect for children and their families. In this interview, she shares her vision for children’s learning through the arts.

Beryl Solla is a mosaic artist and the chair of the art department at Piedmont Virginia Community College. She has worked with every 4th grade student in Harrisonburg, VA to create mosaics. The project, in conjunction with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, challenged the children to design a mosaic, cut tiles, place them, and complete it.

The exhibit will feature paintings and sculptures by Solla, which feature vibrant colors and garden-themed motifs. Some pieces will be ceramic, while others will be brightly painted wooden sculptures. The artist also creates pieces from sewn pieces adorned with layers of sequins. Her work is influenced by the beauty of nature and the beauty of gardens.

The mural depicts the early town of Lynchburg in the 1880s

The mural on the side of the Craft Crucible building is meant to inspire people. It features a woman with flowing hair, representing change and growth. It also represents reaching out to others. The artist hopes that this mural will encourage people to use their voice and make a difference in their communities.

Before the Civil War, Lynchburg was a busy and thriving town. The city was a center for trade and had a canal, three railroad lines, and six turnpikes. The town was also a safe haven for refugees from cities plagued by yellow fever. The town boasted thirty hospitals and a flourishing railroad system.

In the late 1820s, Lynchburg constructed a waterworks system. The town had run into problems with its spring-based water supply and needed to add a more reliable source of water. To help alleviate this problem, the town built wooden pipes and a pump house at the river. Unfortunately, the town was hit by a flood in 1842 and another one in 1877. The mural also depicts the courthouse, the Virginia & Tennessee depot, the V&T roundhouse, and the covered wooden bridge across the James River.

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