Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA

The Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia, is a historic cemetery. It is the oldest municipal burial ground in the United States. Here, you can pay your respects to a number of notable citizens. Some of them include William L. Lanier, George Washington Williamson, Mitchell G. Rousey, and Silas E. Arrington.

George Washington Williamson

The Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia is one of the oldest and most historical cemeteries in the country. This historic cemetery is home to the oldest burial ground in the United States and the oldest municipal cemetery in Virginia. Located just off of the square in downtown Lynchburg, the cemetery features over 5,000 graves, making it one of the largest in the country.

George Washington Williamson was a soldier who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was assigned to Company C, and died in a Lynchburg hospital on August 12, 1862. His remains are buried in the Old City Cemetery. He was born in 1826, and married, with eight children, and is buried in the cemetery. Williamson was the brother of Riley Williamson. Here is another spot to visit.

William L. Lanier

Lynchburg was incorporated as a city in 1852 and is now one of the largest cities in Virginia. Its first bridge was completed in 1804 and was replaced by a toll bridge in 1812. The turnpike to Salem, Virginia was completed in 1817. The city’s founder, Thomas Lynch, is buried in the city’s South River Friends Meetinghouse. The Quakers abandoned Lynchburg after a dispute over slavery. The Presbyterians took over the building and adapted it as their church. Today, it is a historic site. See our home page.

In addition to the William L. Lanier Old City Cemetery, there are other cemeteries in Lynchburg. The Confederate Cemetery is in Shenandoah County. Old Lynchburg Cemetery is in Loudoun County.

Mitchell G. Rousey

Mitchell G. Rousey, Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA is a Civil War cemetery. He was buried in the Confederate Soldiers section. Rousey died in the Civil War at the age of 24. He was a private in the Army. He died of wounds sustained during the Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia. He was also a farmer, and he enlisted in 1861. He was a member of the Confederate Army and served for sixteen years. He was KIA at Cold Harbor, VA and was paroled on May 3, 1865.

Another Civil War soldier buried in the Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA is Thomas H. Reynolds, who served in the 15th Regiment. He was wounded at the Battle of Malvern Hill in 1862. He was married to Jane Elizabeth Hearn. Their son, William H., was born in 1843 and was POW until the end of the war. Their other son, Mitchell G. Rousey, is buried in the same cemetery.

Silas E. Arrington

The Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia is an historical cemetery and the oldest municipal burial ground in Virginia. It is also the oldest cemetery in the United States. The cemetery has a rich history dating back to 1617. The cemetery is also home to several historic monuments.

Silas E. Arrington was born in 1758 in Virginia and died in 1870. He is buried in the Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA.

David R. Dye

The Dye family has been in the area for over 200 years. Their cemetery is located in Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA. This is the second oldest cemetery in the city. The Dye family has three generations in the area. Their ancestors were from Lynchburg, Virginia.

Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA contains approximately 15,000-20,000 buried souls. The cemetery is organized by category and biographical notes. The cemetery has been closed to the general public since 1925. Two-thirds of the cemetery’s residents are African American, making it one of the most ethnically diverse cemeteries in Central Virginia.

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