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Have you noticed your house looking a bit drab lately? Perhaps your driveway or home siding needs some TLC. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help with our effective and thorough Lynchburg VA power washing services, which are guaranteed to breathe new life into even the most worn-out properties. We understand that life gets in the way and that cleaning your home’s exterior after a busy work week isn’t something you want to do. That’s why we provide a wide range of power washing services that will meet all of your exterior cleaning needs. We have a skilled team that is proud to offer exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Get in touch with us now to discuss your project and receive a free personalized quote!

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Our team at All Washed Up provides a pressure washing service that is incredibly detailed and will leave you with results that must be seen to be believed. Whether it’s a stubborn oil stain on your driveway, worn-out pavers, or a patio that needs sprucing up for summer, we have you covered. We know the importance of choosing the right type of cleaning for every surface type, and our team only uses the latest and most professional equipment. You can rest assured that your property is safe with us.

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Have you noticed green and black discoloration spreading across your house? This algae that grow on the surface not only degrades the look of your property but may also harm the surface. We offer a cost-effective and professional service that continually keeps your property safe. Routine soft washing removes stains, algae, and other debris from your home’s surfaces, ensuring that it looks clean and tidy. When we’re done, your home will be the brightest in your community, and you’ll fall in love with it again.

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All Washed Up is the company to call if you have moss, algae, or lichen on your roof. If you let these harmful growths multiply on your roof, they will cause significant damage and leaks. Simple maintenance in annual soft washing can avoid these problems and save you a lot of anxiety and money in the long run. Our roof cleaning services are precisely what your roof requires to remain in excellent shape all year round. Don’t put your property at risk by ignoring cleaning; contact us now for your free quote to get started.

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Many homeowners find that window cleaning is a tiresome and difficult chore that they inevitably put off for far too long. All Washed Up Window Cleaning provides hassle-free window washing in Lynchburg; we can clean all sorts of glass surfaces, screens, doors, patio glass sliding doors, and more. You’ll never have to worry about your windows again with our expert crew, who will leave your windows spot-free!

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Let’s face it…no homeowner enjoys the cleaning and maintaining of gutters! Over time, algae, mildew, air pollutants, and tar will dirty your gutters, causing unsightly stripes. All Washed Up hand scrubs the outside of your gutters using special brushes and a commercial grade brightener/cleaner that will have them looking beautiful again!

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Decks pose a unique set of problems. While many composite deck brands tout themselves as being “maintenance-free”, you have probably discovered that is not totally true. Dirt, grime, algae, and mold inevitably build up on the surface, resulting in a dull, faded appearance. The same can be said for even the most beautiful stained wood decks. All Washed Up can help restore beauty to your deck! Our deck cleaning includes a thorough wash, utilizing our specialized cleaning detergents that kill and remove all surface dust, dirt, and living organisms. Our procedure washes away the ugly buildup to give your deck a clean and inviting look! We are fast, affordable, and will have your deck looking it’s very best!

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Gutter Guard

Raindrop Gutter Guards are a remarkable product that outperforms the rest of the competition. Save yourself the hassle of constantly having to clean out your gutters, and protect yourself from hazardous gutter buildup by having Raindrop Gutter Guards professionally installed today.

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Christmas Light

As the premier holiday decorating and professional Christmas light installation company in the Lynchburg & Roanoke Virginia area, we provide you with captivating displays and exceptional service that are truly second to none. We understand that with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that it is becoming more difficult to find the time and energy to decorate your property. Let us help you so you can truly enjoy the holidays.

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Shaun Powers

Pressure Washing Lynchburg

I contracted All Washed Up to clean the exterior of my house and to pressure wash the back deck. They showed up promptly every time and the quality of their work exceeded my expectations. Based on their pressure washing service, I contracted them a second time to clean my driveway, and their work was again exceptional. I am very happy with the professionalism and attention to quality that All Washed Up provided – in particular Tyler and Caleb from their work crew, who worked closely with me to make sure I was satisfied.

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Tom Aub

Pressure Washing In Lynchburg

Ryan, Dylan and Dylan from All Washed Up did an excellent job of pressure washing our decks. They went above and beyond by helping us move some of the furniture and plants. A great job at a reasonable price. Very professional. I highly recommend them.

Review Face 2

Amy J

Pressure Washing Lynchburg VA

I cannot believe what a great job JJ & DJ did on our home! They were the most courteous, professional, hard working young men!! The customer service this company offers is like none other. We are going to get another quote for other items to be cleaned! They did such a good job it looks like they put new vinyl siding on our house. JJ & DJ went above and beyond to do a good job and make sure we were pleased. If you need pressure washing done, these are your people!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of our pressure washing in Lynchburg VA will fluctuate based on the type of surface and size. All of our exterior cleaning services are designed to be affordable for all homeowners. To find out how much your pressure washing project will cost, request a free quote now!

Power washing is suitable for surfaces that are non-porous and typically horizontal. It’s perfect for areas like your driveway, patio, paved areas, and sidewalks. This is an intense, high-pressure cleaning method that’s incredibly effective at removing stubborn stains and dirt but should be done by professionals. You can trust our team to safely and effectively clean your property!

Choosing All Washed Up for your power washing services is to make your life easier! As a result, we bring all of the necessary equipment with us on the job. You won’t have to do anything!

Many benefits can come from cleaning and refreshing the outside surfaces of your home. For starters, you’ll get a sparkling house that looks fantastic! Not to mention, washing and maintaining your surfaces will help them last longer and avoid damage. When you safeguard and preserve the look of your home, its value will increase as well.

Yes! Pressure washing will not remove red clay stains but All Washed Up has developed a method to remove red clay from brick, concrete, and siding.

Pressure washing prices on the size of the house, the amount of dirt or mildew, and whether you want to hire a professional or do it yourself. Generally, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a professional to pressure wash your home. If you decide to do it yourself, you can purchase a pressure washer for around $200.

Thanks to Wesley at Wise Guys Pro Wash for this quick information!

christmas light installation services 3Yes, we love installing holiday lighting. It is one of our favorite services we provide!  It’s the holidays, and we love helping our customers light up their homes and businesses.  We provide both residential holiday lighting and commercial holiday lighting services.

Is it worth installing your own lighting and saving a couple bucks?

Hiring a professional contractor to install your Christmas lights is the safest way to do it, as they have the proper equipment and training to avoid any accidents.

Falling while doing your own Christmas light installation  can be very dangerous, as you can easily fall off a ladder or rooftop. Even if you don’t fall, you could easily injure yourself by tripping over extension cords or getting tangled in wires. So it’s always best to leave the installation to the professionals!

Thanks to our good friends at We Light Stuff Up for providing us this insight on holiday lighting service.


This depends on a number of factors, including the type of surface being washed, the power of the pressure washer, and the experience and technique of the operator. Generally speaking, a person can wash between 300 and 1,000 square feet per hour.

Pressure washing is a great way to clean surfaces quickly and effectively. It’s important to be aware of the power of the pressure washer being used, as well as the limitations of the surface being washed. Always test a small area first to make sure that pressure washing will not damage or harm the surface.

Another factor is the pressure washer’s (pounds per square inch) PSI and gallons per minute. Most residential pressure washers range from 1,800 to 3,000 PSI. If you’re washing a surface that is 2 feet wide and 5 feet long, that would be 10 square feet. So at 3,000 PSI, you could wash up to 30 square feet in an hour.

All Wash Up About 1 2Usually, buying local is better. Local businesses are more likely to hire from the community they’re located in, which means that your dollars will stay in your community and help to create jobs there. In addition, local businesses are often more invested in their community and are more likely to give back through things like sponsoring local teams or donating to charity.

National companies may have cheaper prices, but when you factor in the costs of shipping and the fact that a good chunk of your money goes towards corporate profits, you may find that buying from a local business is actually a better deal. Plus, when you buy from a national company, you’re not supporting your community; you’re supporting another town or city somewhere else.

If you are searching for a local pressure washing company, give us a call!

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