How to Power Wash Your Brick Patio in 10 Easy Steps

Power Wash

How to Power Wash Your Brick Patio in 10 Easy Steps

Is your brick patio looking a bit worn and weathered? If it’s time to give your outdoor space a refresher, power washing is an effective way to restore its former glory. But where do you start? Don’t worry – this guide takes out all the guesswork of power washing brick patio so that you can get sparkling results in 10 easy steps! We’ll provide expert tips on preparing for the job, using the necessary tools, and caring for your newly power washed patio moving forward.

Brick Patio Before Power Washing
Brick Patio Before Power Washing
  1. Prepare the area: Before power washing your brick patio, you need to make sure the surface is free of debris and dust. Sweep away leaves, dirt, and outdoor furniture to ensure a smooth surface for effective power washing. If you have any plants or shrubs near the patio, cover them with a tarp or plastic sheeting to protect them from overspray. Make sure the area is completely clear before proceeding.
  2. Assemble your equipment: You’ll need a pressure washer for this job – electric models work best for patios and decks around the home. You may also want to consider getting a detergent attachment that connects directly to your water supply to add extra cleaning power and remove stubborn stains. A flat-surface cleaner attachment will help you get into corners and tight spaces more effectively as well.
  3. Choose the right pressure level: When it comes to pressure washing your brick patio, it’s important to use the correct amount of pressure so that you don’t damage it in the process. Start off at a lower setting and gradually increase until you reach an optimal level – usually between 2000-3000 PSI (pounds per square inch). It’s best to err on the side of caution when selecting a pressure setting for brick surfaces – it’s easier to go up than down! 
  4. Don protective gear: To stay safe while power washing, be sure to put on safety glasses, hearing protection (if using an electric model), long pants, closed-toe shoes, long sleeves, and gloves if necessary. The intense jet of water can cause serious harm without proper protection! 
  5. Begin power washing: Once everything is set up correctly, slowly start moving the wand across the brick surface from one end of the patio to another in overlapping motions – just like mowing grass! Make sure not to hold it in one spot too long or else there’s a risk of damaging delicate materials like brick or stone! Be mindful of not spraying too close either as this could lead to wear and tear over time. 
  6. Cover corners and edges: Use a flat-surface cleaner attachment around edges and corners as these areas can be harder to reach with just a regular wand attachment alone; this way you can ensure comprehensive coverage throughout all areas of your patio space! 
  7. Rinse off residue: After you’ve finished power washing each section of your patio, use just plain water (without detergent) from your spray wand or hose pipe at low-pressure settings (around 1000 PSI) in order to rinse off any excess soap residue left behind by cleaning detergents used earlier on during pre-treatment step(s).
  8. Let dry fully before walking on: Allow your freshly cleaned brick patio plenty of time before placing the furniture back out on it or allowing people onto its surface – around 12 hours should do it! This will give enough time for all moisture trapped within small crevices or cracks between bricks/joints etc., to evaporate fully so that no further staining can occur after reapplying weight back onto it again once dry  – which brings us to our last point.
  9. Perform regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the home is key when it comes to preserving outdoor spaces like patios and decks so they remain beautiful year after year! Investing in a quality sealant product every other year will help protect against fading caused by UV rays as well as dirt build-up over time while keeping mold spores at bay too – consider investing in one annually if located in colder climates where snow may fall during winter months!:
  10. Enjoy!: And most importantly, enjoy your newly sparkling clean brick patio – fire up some burgers on that grill & relax!
Brick Patio After Power Washing
Brick Patio After Power Washing
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